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Business is personal.
Especially on Instagram.

Tired of going for growth alone?

Get the support you need to build a profitable personal brand on the ‘gram with unmatched resources and trainings inside a monthly membership that never stops giving.

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Feeling burned out on your business Insta?

The Social Squad Society offers a safe space for online biz owners craving community, education, growth, and some freakin’ fun!

Want access to…

✔️Supportive coworkers without the cubicle?
We got you!
✔️Vetted resources and templates that actually work?
 Got those too!
✔️Social media marketing help without the $$$ price tag? Our specialty!

Where social media is simple, businesses flourish, and content ideas flow like bottomless mimosas. 

Social Squad Society

Welcome to the

Hey! We're Shannon & Emily

Founders of the social squad society

this is my jam! i want in!

Are you sick of...

● Never knowing what to post, spending hours trying to crank out a single caption, and wondering why it seems so easy for everyone else?

● Spending hours a day either on Instagram or creating content, but not getting the engagement and leads to show for it?

● Sifting through the guru garbage to figure out what social media strategies actually work for real people building personal brands? 

● Feeling like you’re getting left behind because you don’t want to pay for an expensive mastermind or an online coach with a bill higher than your mortgage?

● Wishing you had people to talk through the tough biz shiz with, ask questions that Google can’t answer, and snort-laugh freely around?

Yeah, you. The woman trying to grow your business 
on Instagram and have a life at the same time. 

We were talking about you at brunch this weekend.

If you answered yes to any of those, you’re in the right place.

The Social Squad Society changed my business in 3 weeks. It’s a one-of-a-kind community.

I initially reached out to Shannon & Emily as a last-ditch effort before seriously considering applying for a “real job” again...yuck. I have owned my own business for 5 years, but after becoming a first-time mama 9 months ago and only working part-time I was struggling with reaching new clients. I was showing up on Instagram but getting zero engagement and no growth, let’s just say I was frustrated AF.

 I signed up for SSS and immediately had a strategy and game plan to implement that week, including trending audios, caption templates, and hashtags! This has saved me so much time and energy. Within 2 weeks I had 2 reels go viral, my audience went from 3500 to 77k and I filled up my group coaching program.  Lastly, I will say that Shannon & Emily make this fun, they give so much to the members inside SSS, and as a result of being in this circle, it has made me want to give more to my clients too. This is easily the most valuable $89 you will spend each month on your business. I am endlessly grateful for these two women, and already consider them my mentors.


When we started our business journeys solo, we knew something major was missing. 

Both of us were stay-at-home-moms growing our businesses on social media between nap times, diaper changes, and episodes of The Bachelor.

We loved our clients and the work we did for them, but doing it alone felt… well, lonely. 

We were both craving a community of women who wanted to use the power of social media to build brands and relationships. 

So we created one. And made the rest easy as Reese’s peanut butter pie.

We’re a couple of business owners who have been where you are right now.

you had me at the bachelor!

A monthly membership + online community for female business owners who want to build their personal brand and make more sales on social media. 
(And have fun doing it!)

The Social Squad Society

Get goodies for the ‘gram...

We won’t lie - being a member of the SSS comes with a ton of perks... 

Monthly info infusion comin’ up...

Live Trainings + Masterclasses 

(with special guests)

Join live for guaranteed laughs while you learn or watch the replay any time. (Did someone say masterclass + vino??)

Every month there’s a...

● 60-minute Masterclass with guest experts on everything from copywriting to financial planning. (Yep, we hire the pros so you don’t have to.)
● Q&A session to work through your social media and biz challenges, big and small. (You’re never the only one wondering.)
● Bonus training inspired by what’s buzzing on social media and the questions you’re asking in the group. (we listen!)


Content Resources

Content planning and creation has never been easier. Go from never knowing what to post to strolling stress-free through the Target dollar spot because you know you’ve got your Insta game on lock. 


● Monthly content planning kit (Including customizable Canva templates, grid post prompts + more!)
● Always-updated hashtag database (Because you have a million better things to do than hashtag research.)
● CAPTION TEMPLATES. (A mega time-saving member fave.)

BONUS: Get instant access to past caption templates so you can hit the ground running!


For when you can’t pull the zipper on your own dress...

Real-Deal Community

Put the social back in social media with an inspiring community of business owners. The last group of women that supported you like this were drunk in the bar bathroom.

Opportunities include...

● Brainstorming power hours. Ever wanted to experience a mastermind without paying megabucks? Now you can. 
● Real life events. Once a year, we take this community offline and meet up for a weekend of biz-accelerating education & laugh-your-face-off fun.
● Your own personal business cheerleaders. You’ll always have someone to turn to for support, encouragement, and accountability.


● Spend less time deciding what to post and more time building an engaged community of followers who are invested in you. (Because social media is social, after all.)

● Use your time on social media to make sales with an Instagram marketing strategy that works for you. (Instead of trying to rack up less-than-ideal followers for the sake of 10k.)

● Connect with a community of business friends, and future clients, that get it because they’ve been where you are. (Can you imagine a source of pre-vetted referrals galore?)

● Feel confident in your online presence and generate serious leads without spending all yo’ dollas on expensive courses & coaches. (We’re social media experts, but we know a heck of a lot about business too.)

● Have FUN on Instagram again. (Remember those days?! Basking care-free under a Valencia filter and posting Monday night marg photos?)

That’s why the Social Squad Society helps you...

There’s no secret formula or guru growth hack 
that can take the place of deeply rooted community.


You’ve never seen a membership with 1:1 support like this.

Ask questions in the group and have them answered before you gulp down your oat milk latte.


Get social media and business support from your mentors in the comfort of your inbox.


Real-time solutions to your social snags and biz headaches in an empathetic environment.


Don’t take our word for it! 

See what Social Society Squad members have to say...

People want to know about more than what you’re selling. 

They care about YOU.

And so do we. 


Unlock a vault of previous caption templates, the hashtag bank, and over 40 recorded trainings that will help you step up your social game right away.


Get instant access to our collection of valuable resources when you join!

i want the key!

Pssst: this doesn’t mean you have to watch them all at once (or ever!) It’s like Netflix- scroll through and watch what you want when you need it.


1:1 Access To Your Mentors

Caption Templates

Hashtag Bank

Content Calendar

Meet your Mentors 

Shannon McKinstire & Emily Schwalbach

We’re Insta-friends turned IRL business partners (that’s the power of a DM convo!)

One of us has a love affair with oat milk. The other is high-level obsessed with Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Seasoning. 

Both of us are passionate about helping female business owners like you build communities and gain the confidence to show up and talk about what sets your soul on fire.

Together, we…
>>  Have 10+ years of social media marketing experience serving over 200 clients, training over 50 teams, and teaching 30 in-person social media workshops.
>> Organically grew Instagram communities approximately 150% year over year.
>> Started throwing in-person events for our community to get social off social.
And now we want to pour into you.


the Instagram growth world is hella shady

There are a lot of people out there trying to tell you how to grow on Instagram. 

Most are spewing guru garbage.

Saying you HAVE to…
>> Post 3 Reels a day, every day, at a certain time of day 
>> Have a flawless feed and only use a certain number of hashtags
>> Reach a certain number of followers for the algorithm to “see you”

Hold on a sec. Let’s address the elephant in the room...

*eternal eye roll*

It's not that deep.

Doing it all is a one-way ticket to burnout, baby. You don’t HAVE to do anything. 

If posting every day isn’t sustainable for you, don’t do it. If posting Reels makes your eyeball twitch, don’t do it.

Your social media strategy is important, but your sanity comes first. 

Want to join a business community that’s determined to help you put your wellbeing first?

here's the truth:


Use the perks you need, leave the ones you don’t

Make writing captions fun & easy with pro templates

Show up to trainings live or watch on your own time

Never be more than a click away from real support

Frequently Asked Questions

what happens after i sign up?

As soon as you join, you’ll gain access to the member portal where you can get caption templates, hashtags, and see previous training videos. You’ll also be added to the Facebook group so you can introduce yourself to your new support system!

Is this membership just for social media managers?

Hard no! Anyone who uses Instagram to grow their business as a personal brand or entrepreneur can benefit from this membership! We have dozens of industries represented in The Society!

How does billing work? Can I cancel anytime?

Our membership is like Netflix. You can cancel at any time but will have access to the portal for the remainder of the month you have already purchased. You are billed once a month from the day you purchase.

How often is new content added?

You receive access to your monthly content planning resources 3-4 days before the new month starts (caption templates, calendars, etc). We add our live trainings to the portal shortly after they wrap, & Live Q+As get uploaded to the Facebook Group.


The monthly investment to join the Social Squad Society is $89. (That’s less than the price of any of your perks separately.) We hire the pros so you don’t have to, and you save hours a month creating content.

What should I do with the resources each month?

We suggest starting with the caption templates so you can plan your content (and choose corresponding hashtags). Then, mark your calendar for trainings that interest you. When you feel stuck, hit up the resource library and ask questions in the Facebook group!


and you can join

for $89.00/mo.

Being part of the Social Squad Society allows me to save time (and money)!

Being part of the Social Squad Society allows me to save time (and my money) because I don't have to be a social media "whiz" or stay on top of the latest updates because SSS does it for me. You guys tell me when updates are coming  and how to use them.


We want you to succeed on and off social.

In The Society, we go above and beyond to help you grow your business and your confidence. 

We give you 1:1 access because we want you to use it. We want to form a relationship with you!

This membership can be as high-touch as you want, but you’ve got to show up with us.

And if you made it this far… we think you’re ready. 

What are you waiting for?


I'M IN!!!


let's connect!